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Ecole Mentor Overseas Educational Consultancy, is a renowned overseas educational consultancy, proudly registered in France, with a presence in India. Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality and unparalleled services to students seeking the right universities and reputable business schools across various countries.

Navigating the rigorous admission process can be overwhelming, but with our expertise, you’re in capable hands. From test preparation to university selection, crafting SOPs, and acing interviews, our dedicated abroad consultants will be your trusted guides throughout your student journey.

Our student-centric approach is driven by fairness and impartiality. We prioritize your best interests and ensure that our advice isn’t influenced by commercial gains. Your success and satisfaction are paramount, as we assist you in finding institutions and courses that perfectly align with your aspirations and needs.

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    At Ecole Mentor, our genuine and devoted staff is by your side throughout the entire process. Unlike others, we offer expert guidance for public universities and esteemed business schools. With numerous universities providing free education across various fields, we ensure students secure admissions with the lowest costs possible. Embark on a transformative academic journey with us!
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    Anoop Menon

    I am incredibly grateful to Ecole Mentor for their unwavering support. They guided me through the university selection process, and thanks to their expertise, I found the perfect fit for my studies. Their dedication to students is unmatched!

    Anoop Menon

    Alex K

    Highly recommended! Ecole Mentor’s assistance was invaluable. They not only helped me find the right university but also provided essential visa guidance. Thanks to them, I’m living my dream abroad.

    -Alex K